Publication Committee

Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice

The Journal of Youth development is a quarterly scholarly, peer-reviewed journal focused on positive youth development research and practice. The journal is published by the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, with sponsoring support from the National Afterschool Association. For more information on the Journal of Youth Development, please contact:

2016 Journal of Youth Development Publication Committee  

Committee Leadership

Patricia Dawson, Editor
Oregon State University
Mary Arnold
Publications Committee
NAE4-HA Representative
Oregon State University

Dale Blyth Publications
Committee Co-Chair
NAA Representative
University of Minnesota

Committee Members:

Kenneth A Anthony II
Connecticut After School Network
Nigel Gannon
Cornell University

Karen Pittman
The Forum for Youth Investment

Bob Barcelona
University of New Hampshire
Seana Hasson
UMCA of the USA
Hilary Swank
Plymouth State University

M. Deborah Bialeschki

Kenneth R. Jones
University of Kentucky
Julie Tritz
West Virginia University

Michael Conn
Educational Research Center of America

Lisa Lauxman National
4-H Headquarters

Kali Trzesniewski
University of California

Theresa Ferrari
The Ohio State University

Richard Lerner
Tufts University
Kate Walker
University of Minnesota

Michelle Alberti Gambone
Youth Development Strategies, Inc.

Renee McKee
Purdue University

Elijah Wilson
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension