Marketing and Outreach

Marketing & Outreach Team

The VP for Marketing & Outreach will work with team members (as described below) and others to retain and expand Partner Member support for NAE4-HA.  Only donations that support the association’s Mission, Vision and diversity policies shall be accepted.  Efforts also include establishing networks with other youth development organizations, promoting NAE4-HA to potential members and to building communication to keep members and other youth organizations informed of the role of the 4-H profession and its accomplishments.

Team Members:   

Public Relations & Information Chair
Hall of Fame Task Force
First Timers’ Orientation Task Force
4-H Stories Book Ad Hoc Committee

Plan of Work
 Plan of Work (2016)
 Plan of Work (2015)
Plan of Work (2013)

Public Relations & Information Committee

This committee is all about marketing - NAE4-HA, 4-H Alumni, 4-H special events (like the 4-H Centennial), the national 4-H program, and the 4-H Youth Development Profession are all areas addressed.

Plan of Work 2017 

 Plan of Work (2016)

Task Forces

4-H National Hall of Fame
4-H Stories
First Timer's Orientation