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Life - Welcome

Life Member Welcome

Dear Life Members:

Kandy McWhorterWelcome to the Life Member Page of the NAE4-HA website.  We are into our second year as an organized part of our organization.  First of all, I would like to thank Kim Gressley and Larry Tibbs (deceased) for getting the Life Member liaison and regional contact positions off the ground.  It was definitely a dream of Larry’s to have life members represented on the Board of Directors and more involved in the association.

As a group, we hosted our first-ever board sponsored seminar during the Galaxy Conference in Pittsburgh this past September.  We will be sponsoring a seminar during the upcoming conference in Minnesota, and at each upcoming conference in the future.  Please feel free to let any of the regional contacts know of topics that would be of interest to you.  The topic of the 2014 seminar will be how to make the most of your retirement income or something like that. 

Life - Award

Life Member Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding effort and accomplishments of NAE4-HA Life Members in serving the 4-H association during their career up to and including their involvement, dedication and exceptional service to their community during their retirement years.   This is sponsored by anonymous Life Member donors.  The general entry requirements include a completed NAE4-HA Member Recognition Application Form which can be found on the NAE4HA website at